Patrick's Gameboy


The Story of Patrick's Gameboy

I have been a life long nintendo fan. I got my first console when I was 5 years old. My first console was the Gameboy Advanced SP. I have had many nintendo consoles since then but getting the original Gameboy was a special moment. It was special becasuse I got it for such a steal when I was living in Germany from 8th grade to my junior year in highschool. I lived in Stuttgart which is a large city in Baden Württemberg and there was a large weekly outdoor market. The market I got my Gameboy is called Flohmarkt Karlsplatz. The markets have tables covered in all kinds of random things and you are able to hagle the prices if you are confident in speaking German. I found the Gameboy with 4 games including Tetris, Super Mario Land 1 & 2, and Donkey Kong. I bought all of it for 10 Euros which is like 12 USD. To me this was a great deal and I have been happy with it in my collection all of these years later.


  • Power Board

    Circuit board that connects the power source with the rest of the device
  • Amplifier

    Smaller chip compared to the other 3 bigger chips
  • CPU

    Four channel sound generator and sound and picture processing unit
  • LCD Board

    The actual screen of the gameboy that projects the video
  • Mainboard

    The mainboard of the Gameboy that holds and connects all the other components together
  • Ram

    8 Kilobytes each of both Work and Video RAM
  • Table 4 Gameboy

    Grey handheld gaming device