Our main item was a Model DMG-01 Gameboy that we disected in order to determine how each component made its way into the final product. Along the way, we discovered different manufacturing plants and part numbers that told a bigger story of our Gameboy. Feel free to click on each component to learn more about it and check out the map page to see pictures of all the different manufacturing facilities that were a part of making this handheld gaming device click.

  • D419E2

    Oval metallic chip

    Large Black Rectangular Chip

    Small Black Rectangular Chip
  • Speaker

    Black circular chip with a white metallic center
  • LH5264N41

    Small Black Rectangular Chip
  • Capacitors

    Small Black Pill
  • DMG-LCD 06

    Green Board
  • Mainboard

    The mainboard is the motherboard of the Game Boy. It is green and is behind everything else.
  • Gameboy

    Grey rectangular prism, with a green LCD screen, A and B buttons, D-Pad, Select and Start buttons, Gaming cartridge on the top-back, Battery pack requiring four AA batteries.
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