HDTV Tuner



For our project, we disassembled a Sylvania HDTV tuner that was manufactured in 2004. Once we took it apart, there were two different motherboards that we separated and looked at which components had discernable serial numbers and date codes that we could research. We ended up finding four parts that we could research: a VSB/QAM receiver/demodulator chip, a 128Mb DDR SDRAM chip, an electronic video and audio sensor, and a NAND flash memory chip.

Our main goal for this project was to research where the devices were made and/or manufactured, who manufactured them, and the date it was made. It was hard to find exact information since this device is old, but we were able to find each part's country of origin, manufacturers, and approximate dates. All of our parts were made either by ATI/AMD or Samsung between the years 2002 to 2004 and came from China, Taiwan, and Singapore. 

Curators: Gary Kellenberger, Maddie Lichter, Mark Madison, Laura Schneider