My Passport Ultra Hard Drive


This hard drive failed in late November 2016. This was a nerve-wracking time because I had many years of photos, documents, and backups of my family's old computers saved on it and I was very scared I would not be able to recover the data.  After speaking with 2-3 data recovery companies and getting over the shock of having to spend close to $1100 to get the data recovered, I found a company who was able to transfer all the photos, documents, and years of backups onto a new drive for a little less than $1100. I spent almost all of the money I made that summer paying for it, but the company, Secure Data Recovery, was able to recover 99.7% of the files on the drive. Anything that wasn't recovered was not that important anyway.


After I got my new drive with the recovered data, I learned that I need to have two copies of the data on the drive. I purchased a second hard drive that I keep at home while the other I have at school. The company sent me what I believe was the internal part of the failed hard drive, and I had no idea what to do with it, so this project presented the perfect opportunity for me to disassemble it and find a use for it.